Research Projects

社会性や情緒の発達/Social-Emotional Development

社会性と情動の学習 - 文化と身体的学習の側面から – Embodied and Social-emotional Learning in Early Education and Development: If culture is all around us, what is our approach?

  • 「社会性と情動の学習」はSocial Emotional Learning (SEL) の日本語訳で、「非認知能力」を育むことを目的とした教育のことです。多くの教育現場でSELが開始されている一方で、それらは文化・地域・人種といった「多様性」への考慮がなされていないとの懸念の声があがっています。本研究では、発達心理・教育心理・幼児教育・初等教育の専門家と実践者にインタビューを実施し、SELにおける「文化」に考慮した実践の必要性を実証し、多種多様な環境で育つ全ての子どもたちに届くSELになるよう「文化」を取り入れた理論的枠組みの構築を目指します。

  • Social Emotional Learning (SEL) skills have been proposed as crucial for all students’ school and life success regardless of their geographic location. SEL has been implemented in many places. On the other hand, there are concerns that such SEL programs have not traditionally focused on learning processes that are situated in the learners’ contexts and life experiences. In this study, we are going to explore the culturally responsive and situated SEL and introduce a conceptual model grounded in bioecological and embodied theoretical frameworks to help guide future practice for culturally relevant SEL.