国際化のなかで育ちゆく子どもたち/International Perspectives on Childhood 2021

  • コロナ禍でのスタートとなりました。現状だからこそ出来ることを考えながら、学びを進めています。
  • We started the seminar this year under a pandemic. We keep our learning to focus on what we can do “now.”

メンバー / Member

  • 門脇 慶 / Kei Kadowaki
  • 篠田 琉誓 / Ryusei Shinoda
  • 有馬 慎太郎 / Shintaro Arima
  • 小田 真輝 / Masaki Oda
  • 山本 永遠 / Towa Yamamoto
  • 栗田 和慶 / Kazuyoshi Kurita
  • 孫 ヨン尚 / Yonsan Son
  • 田嶋 波輝 / Namiki Tajima
  • 山崎 海 / Kai Yamazaki

プロジェクト / Research Projects

  • Why do we say terrible twos, horrible threes, and wonderful fours? 
  • Bilingual Education in Finland 
  • Assimilation of Immigrant Children in Japan: Exploring Educational Policy to embrace Ethnic Diversity 
  • Magic Carpet, Take Me to A Whole New World: Journeys to Other Cultures with Disney Films
  • Re-Validation of K-Kids & J-Kids: Bilingual Education in Japan and Korea 
  • Device and the Child 

メンバーの声 / Member’s Voice


I am so excited to explore the field of Early Childhood Education and its long-term benefits.


I'm looking forward to learning childhood education in many different countries. I'm especially interested in the relationships between education systems and characteristics of each country.


I am interested in the difference in language ability and perspectives between the children grown up in Japan and other countries.