比較教育/Comparative Education 2021

  • 日本の教育だけでなく、世界の教育にも目を向けました。ゲストスピーカーをお招きし、バングラデシュとカンボジアの教育について、お話を伺いました。各自の興味のある国に焦点を当て、プロジェクトを進めました。中国、韓国、シンガポール、ミャンマー、フランス、アイスランド、トルコ、アメリカ、と色々な国の教育について知識を深めることができました。
  • We focused on education not only in Japan but also in other countries. We had guest speakers and learned about education in Bangladesh and Cambodia. Students chose one area that they were interested in and conducted a mini-research project. We spent a great time getting to know about education in many countries, such as China, Korea, Singapore, Myanmar, France, Iceland, Finland, Turkey, and the United States.

メンバー / Member

  • 村上 有莉沙 / Arisa Murakami 
  • 徐 揚 / Yang Xu
  • 赤坂 元嗣 / Mototsugu Akasaka 
  • 大根田 真由 / Mayu Oneda
  • 白水 哉太 / Kanata Shirouzu
  • 杉山 隆祐 / Ryusuke Sugiyama
  • 増井 元気 / Genki Masui
  • 藤川 拓己 / Takumi Fujikawa
  • 荒賀 陽介 / Yosuke Araga
  • 小倉 沙彩 / Saaya Ogura
  • 宋 承ヒョン / Seunghyun Song
  • 井上 龍彦 / Tatsuhiko Inoue

プロジェクト / Research Projects

  • Education of Media Literacy in Finland
  • Introducing active style education in Korea
  • The difference of Education: Singapore and Japan
  • China's Elementary English Education System
  • The Effect of Entrace Exams on Education: Japan and France 
  • Education in Myanmar: The Lost Sixty Years
  • Education on Gender Equality in Iceland 
  • Influence of Early Childhood Education on Career Perspectives in Adulthood: Cross-Cultural Study Between Japan and the US
  • Economic Crisis and Education in Turkey
  • Jewish Education: What makes them so smart? 

メンバーの声 / Member’s Voice

This class is a treasure for those who are interested in any aspect of education. I also learn research methods, which is really helpful to university students. It was great to know education systems worldwide through my classmates' presentations. And as a foreign student, I also had a chance to make comment on those who did research on my own country (China). Last but not least, I'd like to thank everyone that I met through this class. And a special thank you to Prof. Hayashi for your immense effort in keeping this class interactive. Looking forward to seeing everyone in person someday! 

It was quite a great atmosphere to speak up my opinion. Since there was no strict mood so that I think me or other students were able to express their own ideas. Also, it was a good opportunity to get to know several countries' education from classmates’ presentations as well as teacher's lecture. 

I learned that the education system in which we take for granted in our own country is relatively very unique. It was interesting to know how the education system and the educational policy affect the way of thinking of people in each countries. In project-based lessons, it inspire me to know about the personal perspectives of other students through conversations about why they were interested in a particular country or subjects.

Thank you very much for the amazing classes over the past six months. Without this opportunity, I would not have been able to compare Japanese education with that of other countries. By looking at my country objectively, I was able to gain new discoveries and knowledge. In the classroom, I feel that I was able to develop the ability to communicate clearly and concisely to others by discussing in English with students from different backgrounds.

I'm really grateful to you for giving me such precious opportunities to think deeply about educational problems in other countries as well as Japan. Through this class, I realized that education has a much stronger power than I thought for children to form their personalities and the way they think. I'm sure my research would be a meaningful one for me.