比較教育/Comparative Education 2023

  • 今学期は、ゲストスピーカーをお招きし、アルジェリアとウズベキスタンの教育について、お話を伺うことができました。各自のプロジェクトでは、アメリカ、ノルウェー、アフガニスタン、パキスタン、ドイツ、フランス、中国、韓国、日本、と様々な地域に焦点を当てました。
  • We have been able to invite guest speakers this semester and learn about education in Algeria and Uzbekistan. Each student conducted a mini-research project (individually and in groups) focusing on the area that she/he is interested in including the United States, Norway, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Germany, France, China, South Korea, and Japan.

メンバー / Member

  • 武 若桐 / Ruotong Wu 
  • 車 周英/ Juyoung Cha 
  • 植田 亮太 / Ryota Ueda 
  • 大橋 秀斗 / Shuto Ohashi
  • 岡田 瑠音 / Rune Okada 
  • 佐藤 光瑠 / Hikaru Sato 
  • 篠田 琉誓 / Ryusei Shinoda 
  • 若松 祐樹 / Yuki Wakamatsu 
  • 栗山 幾槙 / Kishin Kuriyama 
  • 許 南瑞 / Nam Suh Huh
  • 田畑 乃亜 / Noah Tabata 

プロジェクト / Research Projects

  • Promoting Gender Equality from the Early Years - Drawing Inspiration From the Hjalli Model-

  • Entrance Exam in Japan and French

  • Educational Systems in Norway and East Asian Countries

  • University Entrance Exams in the US and South Korea - How students motivate themselves –

  • Education in Afghanistan

  • Current Situation and Future Vision of Female Primary Education in Pakistan

  • Islamic Education

  • Educational Systems in Germany and Japan

メンバーの声 / Member’s Voice

Thank you for the semester! I have enjoyed the open and comfortable atmosphere during the class. I appreciated the presentations delivered by the guest speakers, which allowed me to have a deeper understanding of their education systems. I think the introduction of fundamental concepts and papers in the field of comparative education studies would be helpful for students to have a solid and enhanced comprehension of the course. 

Thank you so much for this semester. It was my last semester at Keio, and I am very glad I took this course. I have never taken a course related to education in my past five years at Keio, so I was excited to take this one. After taking this course, I realized once again that there were many things I didn't know about education in foreign countries. I learned that comparing education between countries doesn't mean judging which country has the best education. It is just a way for us to understand the unique culture of each country. After I graduate, I am planning to work for the Japanese government to contribute to world peace. I hope the international mindset that I developed in this course will help me in my career. Thank you again for teaching me! :) 


Thank you for this semester. It was interesting to talk about education system in this course. Learning the other countries education through guest speaker was impressive, especially the influence of religious and gender inequality toward education was most interesting point for me, because I’ve never thought about gender inequality and religious affect the education. I think that the course and the atmosphere of class were great. If the lecture topics were divided and concentrating on the topics such as countries cases, influence of religious, it would became easier to follow and get more interested on class. 

Thank you very much for the autumn semester in this class. I was so impressed by your diverse backgrounds and your thoughts about education and society. I believe what we discussed and did presentations about will absolutely help me understand and accept the differences in other countries and become an international-minded person. I'm going to miss you but hope to see you again!!

Thank you for your class during the semester. I was worried about studying about areas that I didn't normally encounter, but I was able to focus on the class because you created comfortable class atmosphere for students. Also, the class was very informative through your teaching style. It was interesting to know about each country's education through the class and it was a great help. Thank you for allowing me to enjoy my last class at Keio University and get a good memory! 

I could understand various country's education thanks to everyone's presentation, professor and two speakers. Actually, I've teaching math to elementary school students for 3 years. I want to adopt this experience.  I am glad that I was able to enjoy the class through discussion.