国際化のなかで育ちゆく子どもたち/International Perspectives on Childhood 2023

  • 今年度は少人数となりました。ウィズコロナ・アフターコロナの社会の動きに伴い、少し外に出てフィールドワークを実施できたらと思っています。
  • We have a small group this year. We’ll try to do something new, such as fieldwork together.

メンバー / Member

  • 有馬 龍太 / RYOTA ARIMA
  • 鈴木 帆乃佳 / HONOKA SUZUKI
  • 張 雪瑩 / XUEYING ZHANG

プロジェクト / Research Projects

メンバーの声 / Member’s Voice

Reflecting on the English seminar conducted by Professor Lin in 2023, I am filled with a sense of fortune and gratitude. This year-long journey has been a remarkable learning experience. During the spring semester, the varied childhood experiences shown in the seminar highlighted the rich tapestry of human culture and society, making me more aware of the world beyond my immediate surroundings. We had an opportunity to interview an international marriage couple in the autumn semester. These interactions were not only enlightening but also deeply moving, providing real-life insights into the challenges and joys unique to such family dynamics. Engaging in this course I realized that learning extends beyond textbooks and classrooms, and involves active exploration and discovery.

I believe this course was student-driven, offering considerable flexibility tailored to individual interests. Our research focus was "Intercultural Marriage", and to my surprise,  we were able to secure an interviewee through student connections. Engaging in this Course prompted me to contemplate cultural differences more deeply and to embrace them in the context of love.

It was so fun for me! I learned a lot of value that people from overseas have. Also, I learned the way that children in many countries develop and the differences in childcare between Japan, China, America, and so on. This lesson gave me a lot of new knowledge!