比較教育/Comparative Education 2023

  • 自分たちが今まで受けてきた教育を振り返る機会の多かったグループとなった気がします。授業で得た気づきが残りの学生生活に何らかの形で役立ちますように!
  • We spent a lot of time to reflect on our own education that we went through till getting here. Hope those reflections from this class would give students positive influence on the rest of their student life at Keio University.

メンバー / Member

  • 坂口 慶志 / Keishi Sakaguchi

  • 松尾 信哉 / Shinya Matsuo 
  • 大廣 美友 / Miyu Ohiro
  • 清水 大河 / Taiga Shimizu
  • 佐藤 光瑠 / Hikaru Sato
  • 安岡 健人 / Kento Yasuoka
  • 菅本 尚陽 / Naoharu Sugamoto
  • 伊藤 通規 / Naoki Ito
  • 森 風雅 / Fuga Mori
  • 野田 隼彰 / Toshiaki Noda

プロジェクト / Research Projects

  • The role of picture books in early childhood education compare between Japan and France
  • High school education in Vietnam
  • Elementary Education in Germany
  • Does education affect happiness?
  • Japanese Education from the perspective of the shortcomings of Dutch Education
  • If the Singaporean education system were to be incorporated into Japan

メンバーの声 / Member’s Voice

There are a lot of things to learn for me. I speak to others and learn a lot through talking and discussing with other classmates. Maybe I did make mistakes at the class speech, but I get a much willingness to research and tackle with some problems from my heart. After this class, I have more interested in elementary schools.

I took this class in the hope of increasing my exposure to English. I had no idea that I would be learning about education, but I enjoyed learning about the familiar subject of education. I was able to learn what the status of Japanese education in this class.

I was able to learn about the relationship between the history of Uzbekistan and education from an international student from Uzbekistan. In addition, by comparing the Japanese and global different countries’ education systems, I was able to understand the good and bad points of the Japanese education system.

This past semester, I thought about education for the first time. The education system in Singapore was very different from what I had imagined, and the same is true about other countries. I think it was a very good opportunity for me as a future exchange student.